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20+ exciting HR conferences to attend in 2020

While reading the paper the other morning (a.k.a. scrolling through my LinkedIn feed), I saw Laura Sturmer shared a list of business events in Toronto. This list covered a wide variety of su-topics, from marketing, PR, AI, programming, career coaching and I thought: this is extremely helpful and a huge time-saver with regards to researching and planning my schedule.
As an avid list-maker myself, I want to do the same thing for HR/recruitment conferences. When I first started in this industry I was amazed at the tremendous number of learning and networking opportunities it has to make sure the “people" element of the company is well taken care of.
The coast-to-coast conferences list below covers an array of topics for HR professionals including recruiting/ talent acquisition, employer branding, employee relations, benefits & compensation, and HR technology.
This list will be updated every two weeks, so please feel free to let me know if there is any event you want to add to the list!
January 27-28, Orlando, North America HR Executive Summit (NAHRES),
February 3-5, Austin, Leap HR Retail,
February 25, Atlanta, From Day 1,
March 9-12, Miami, Staffing Industry Analysis (SIA) Executive Forum,
March 18-20, Boston, HRD Summit,
March 23-25, Seattle, Sourcecon 2020,
March 23-25, Las Vegas, HR Transform,
March 25-27, San Diego, Talent Acquisition Exchange
April 6-7, Chicago, The TATech Leadership Summit on AI & Machine Learning in Talent Acquisition,
April 14, San Francisco, From Day 1,
April 15-17, San Diego, ERE Recruiting Conference 2020,
May 5-7, Austin, Staffing Tec,
May 12-14, Las Vegas, TA Tech North America & Unleash America Joint Mega Conference,
May 14-15, Denver, Recruitcon - Your Pursuit to Top Talents Start Here,
May (Date TBC), Washington D.C., From Day 1,
June 9-10, Boston, The TA Leadership Summit on Programmatic Ad Buying in Talent Acquisition,
June 9-11,Vegas, Select HR 2020,
June 22-24, Boston, Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference (STA),
June 28 - July 1, San Diego, SHRM conference,
October 13-16, Las Vegas, HR Technology Conference,
November (Date TBC), Chicago, TA Tech Recruitment Marketing,
November 12, New York, Richmond Human Resources Forum,


*This list was last updated on 15th November